Latest news at MPBC and our updated COVID-19 worship procedures!

July 15, 2020


Moving Forward

From Pastor Graham
May 19, 2020
  • 1st Sunday of June 2020- We will conduct morning worship ONLY. In person as well as virtually on Facebook live for those who are not yet ready to worship corporately. There will be no small groups, Sunday school, children's church or nursery services during this month as we are simply readjusting to worshiping together in the sanctuary.
  • 1st Sunday of July 2020- We will conduct morning worship ONLY with the following considerations. Ministry leaders should begin to reengage your ministry teams. You are free to hold any in person meetings and/or conference call meetings with your teams. Take the time to inform everyone of these updates and make sure persons are in place. Especially, ushers, greeters, welcome center staff, deacons, finance personnel, media, music/worship (see details below), and anyone that makes worship happen from week to week. Also, we will have no virtual or in person bible study, small groups or Sunday school, children's church or nursery services this month.
  • 1st Sunday of August 2020- We will resume function as normal at Mt. Pleasant. Sunday School, Children's church and Nursery services should all be prepared to resume in August. Please note this adjustment!! I will be teaching bible study in the sanctuary each Wednesday at 12:00 noon as well as 7:00 pm.Small groups will not resume at this time to minimize risk of studying in close proximity with other persons. Worship and ministry meetings should continue as well.
Health Considerations:
  • Gloves and masks are welcomed in every area of our campus to ensure safety and precautions.
  • Hand sanitation stations are placed at each door of the sanctuary. Including a new station positioned in the center double doors of the sanctuary.
  • Please utilize them upon entry and exit. Upon entering the worship center, please take the time to wash hands, especially if using the restroom.
  • Minimize excess hand shaking and hugging.
  • Finance team members are asked to continue wearing gloves and masks, especially with the increase in membership volume on Sundays.
  • Please seat yourselves with considerations of spacing on the rows and on each pew.

Always remember that if you prefer not to attend according to the scheduled format that is fine!
Please continue to be safe and exercise your personal precautions.


Worship Videos

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Bible Study
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