Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

In 1904, on 23rd and Orange Street, North Little Rock, Arkansas, in a two-room shotgun house with the partitions torn out; our church was organized by Rev. Frank Patterson, and a small group of followers of Christ.

One Hundred Eleventh Year Summary

1904-1906 The church was organized as the Second Baptist Church and Rev. Frank Patterson was the first pastor. He served from 1904-1906.

1906-1911 Rev. W.P. Johnson was elected pastor and served until 1911. Under Rev. Johnson’s leadership the Church name changed from Second Baptist to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

1912-1920 Rev. Jackson Smith was elected pastor and served until 1920. During the leadership of Rev. Smith, a frame building was constructed for worship.

1920-1925 Rev. A.W. Clark was elected pastor and served until 1925.

1925-1929 Rev. B.J. Whitfield was elected Pastor and served until 1929. Under Rev. Whitfield’s leadership, the first Usher Board was organized.

1929-1930 Rev. Lemuel Johnson was elected pastor and served until 1930.

1930-1934 Rev. L.L. Lovelace was elected pastor and served until 1934.

1934-1949 Rev. J.B. Barnes was elected pastor and served until 1949. Under his leadership, the old frame church building was torn down and a concrete block building was erected. One Sunday morning in 1945, the members marched from 26th and Gum to the new Church on 23rd and Orange Street.

1949-1957 Rev. Robert Dickerson was elected Pastor and served until 1957. Under his leadership several young men were placed on trial for Deacons. In 1953 Rev. O.C. Jones preached his first sermon and was licensed.

1957 Rev. O. C. Jones was ordained on Sunday, January 16th and elected Pastor on June 7th. Under his leadership the church progressed and the membership increased.

1964 The Church purchased four lots for a new church site at 22nd and Willow Street, North Little Rock. The Church marched from 23rd and Orange Street, North Little Rock to the present location for a Ground Breaking Ceremony.

1971 The Outreach Radio Broadcast Ministry began over Radio Station K.O.K.Y. and remained until 1980.

1973-1985 Under the dynamic leadership of Rev. O.C. Jones a host of specialized programs and ministries, including Outreach Ministry, Day Care Center, and auxiliaries was organized. In 1984 Rev. O.C. Jones was elected President of the Regular Arkansas Baptist Convention and State Vice-President of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. In 1985 he was elected the Associate Director General of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education.

1986-1989 A Summer Reading Club for our young people and the Obi-Parham Scholarship was organized. In addition, the church was blessed with a new Educational and Administrative Building.

1990 Rev. O.C. Jones was elected Moderator of the Middlewestern District Association.

1991 Rev. O.C. Jones and Sis. Georgia McCain were united in Holy Matrimony.

1997 Rev. Jones celebrated his 40th Anniversary of service to the Lord.

1998-2006 The “Growing Praise” children choir, “Hands of Praise” dance team, Voices of Praise” choir and “Praise” dance team was organized.

2013 Rev. O.C. Jones retired as pastor and continues to serves as Pastor Emeritus. Under Rev. Jones’ leadership many members were added to the church. Numerous ministers were ordained, deacons, trustees, and general church officials were added to the ministry under his pastorate.

2014 Rev. William R. Boone was elected pastor and served until 2015.

2015 By the grace of God, Rev. Earl Graham was elected pastor.

Through the years God has blessed us and is continuing to keep His arms around us. As we remember the cherished deeds of the past, let us not lose sight of the brilliant vision for tomorrow.